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Cross-post: Update on improving Ask Chris

Cross posted (and slightly edited) from tietuckluv

Thank you to everyone who responded to the call to provide feedback on how the Unofficial Christopher Meloni Forum can help out to improve the Ask Chris process.

Please head over to the forum (the link takes you to the "Information about Chris" section of the board, where a couple of threads on this have already been pinned) to see what ideas were generated.

Of course, if you have anything to add, you can comment here or add your thoughts there. The only rule is that you have to play nice over there. Even though you don't have to over here.

That means no mention of a "Mocking the Questions" thread on the UCMF. Yes, noblerot, I'm looking at you.
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My first ever poll!

linnyb and I were discussing how to improve the Unofficial Christopher Meloni Forum's interaction with the Ask Chris process on Brian's site. I've made a little poll below (my first one!) and would like your thoughts. How can we make the Ask Chris process a little sweeter?

Poll #778759 Improving UCMF and Ask Chris

What do you think of the questions in Ask Chris?

I think they're all just great!
Well, some of them could use a bit of editing, but otherwise they're fine
I wish there were some vetting of the questions ahead of time, to weed out all the idiotic or repetitive questions
We can ask Meloni questions?
Other - I'll explain the comments.

If you could change something about Ask Chris, what would it be?

I'd have the "Questions Allowed Now" window open for a set period at fixed times over the year.
I would like to see the silly questions eliminated.
I would like to see more silly questions.
I'd like each set of questions to revolve around a particular theme, if possible.
Other - I'll explain in the comments.

Would you like the Unofficial Christopher Meloni Forum to begin an "Ask the UCMF community" section?

That depends - I'll explain in the comments.